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    Next San Diego Tableau User Group Meeting - June 4, 2015 (1st of 3-Part Training Series)

    Matt Shoemaker

      Our next 3 meetings will be focused around user training.  Over these 3 sessions, Mike Roberts and Ben Sullins from Pluralsight will be explaining and demonstrating concepts ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced.  The sessions are structured in such a way that someone new to Tableau can attend all of the sessions and come away with a good start on becoming an expert user.  If you're already an experienced user, consider bringing along some of your co-workers so that you can build your Tableau dev team.


      RSVP HERE:  June 4, 2015 - San Diego Tableau User Group Meeting Tickets, San Diego | Eventbrite


      ** Please note that these sessions are free **


      All meetings will be from 4-6PM and will be held at Dexcom located between Mira Mesa and Sorrento Valley

      Session 1:  June 4th - Beginning Tableau

      Session 2:  June 18th - Intermediate and Advanced Tableau

      Session 3:  July 2nd - Tableau Server Training + Viz Contest


      Many Thanks to Ben Sullins and Mike Roberts of Pluralsight and Tom Hall of Dexcom for offering their time and space.  We're looking forward to some excellent meetings!