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    Time Formats

    Ted Carter

      Hey All,


      First, I enjoyed meeting some of you at yesterday's Customer Showcase at the College Basketball Experience.


      Second, I am wrestling with Time formats in a visualization and need some help figuring out what I'm missing.


      I have created a Gantt chart showing the times teachers and students arrive and depart from schools.  The data was entered as time, but pulled in from Access as datetime, so all the times defaulted to a date of December 30th, 1899.  Not a big deal as long as I'm only showing the hours and minutes, right? 


      Well, in the Tooltip, I have the following:  "<MINUTE(Depart Elem)>" and when I look at the preview, I see "3:09 PM", but when I publish the visualization to Tableau Public, I am seeing "December 30, 1899 3:09 PM" - any suggestions on what I need to do to fix it?


      Here is the visualization in question:  https://public.tableau.com/views/Info_for_Negotiations/Overview