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    Image Switcher Error

    Omar Luna

      Hi everyone,


      So, I have this issue with my online Tableau. Turns out, when I publish to web, it doesn't appear Juan Valganon picture when I select him on the Quick Filter options. But, on my Tableau file, before publish it, appears correctly. Can somebody help me to fix this error, please?

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          hi Omar,


          Attach workbook for the further review.

          did you followed the steps http://community.tableau.com/thread/119079




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            Tomasz Lopatka

            The only thing that comes to my mind is whether or not your pictures are included in the workbook.

            What I've learned so far - in general:

            • if those pics are online -> all should be fine as long as the links are valid (if that's your case, sorry - I don't know the answer)
            • if they are offline, local -> you'd need to publish the workbook including data sources as pictures are a type of data.


            Good luck,


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              Tableau kumar


              Try out by sharing packaged Workbook (.twbx), if it not having sensitive data.


              The following link shows what are steps to add external image to the report.

              Importing Custom Images into Tableau



              Best Regards

              Laxman Kumar

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                Omar Luna

                Hi Tomasz,


                Do you know where I can find the offline option? I want to learn how to do it, because my online Tableau doesn't solve this problem, even though I tried to solve it a month ago. Please, show me how.





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                  Omar Luna

                  Thank you for your help, kumar! I've already figure it out how to import custom images to Tableau, but my main question aimed to solve an image switcher error I can't solve for a very long time: offline work fines; online doesn't show some images. Hope you can help me solve it soon!





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                    Omar Luna

                    Hi sankar,


                    Sorry for the late response, but, of course, let me share it with you and please try to help me as soon as possible, because my boss's pushing me to solve with this error everyday.





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                      Omar Luna

                      Hi Sankar,


                      Did you check my Tableau file? I'm still waiting for your answer, because my boss is keep pushing me for a further solution and I don't what to do to solve this. Please help me!

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                        Tomasz Lopatka


                        to clarify my point above -> when I say offline files, I am referring to ones located on your hard drive.


                        As I am using T 8.3 not the 9.0 yet (we've faced some issues in maintenance of older dashboards with the 9.0 version so on my laptop I am still using the 8.3 - but that's off-topic), that's why I probably cannot open your workbook, but ...


                        (some prefer to use images added through maps, but I've not used that extensively - have a look here to get a feel of what I am referring to

                        QT: Dynamically Switch Images Using Filter)


                        (some use shapes as a way of getting images into Tableau)


                        I am guessing you've created a dashboard and added images to your dashboard. While adding elements to a dashboard you can either add an image (1) file from your drive or you can also add a webpage (2).

                        If you're following route (1), then while publishing the workbook you need to (within Options) select a tick (bottom left) to Include External Files, because Tableau will be treating your local images as external. No way (I know) to go around this.

                        If it's possible to follow route (2), simply instead of adding images, add webpages and use a link to a specific image that is online. The downside of this solution is that each time you'd refresh your dashboard online, Tableau would look for the image/webpage so you might experience a bit of a lag.


                        I haven't had much experience with T yet, so cannot advise on how to proceed when the above won't work due to an actual error in Tableau (e.g. you'd include 2 local images, publish the workbook, include the data-sources and only one would appear on the online version of your workbook).


                        As a an idea, I would recommend considering using map backgrounds instead of image - this might work for you - the link above.


                        // Finally, please consider we're all trying to help here in our own time and freely. Thus, posting reminders might not yield the result you're expecting.