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      • 15. Re: Histogram via Size()
        Alexander Mou

        That doesn't seem to change anything. And it doesn't make sense to me to do that either.

        • 16. Re: Histogram via Size()
          Jim Wahl

          Sorry -- they main issue to getting the 0s to show up on the x-axis is to use a continuous pill on the Columns shelf. ZN() is not necessary.


          The continuous pill means that Tableau creates an axis and, therefore, isn't skipping any numbers.



          • 17. Re: Histogram via Size()
            Jonathan Drummey

            Yeah, to clarify:


            - To have the X-axis have the right spacing we either need a continuous pill *or* to use a discrete Tableau bin with domain padding (Show Missing Values) turned on. (Sometimes we can do it with other forms of densification, but those are extremely dependent on the data and the view).

            - To get 0s to show for those missing values we have to use a discrete Tableau bin with domain padding turned on. This is because to have 0s we need marks, and to get the marks for those missing values the data needs to be padded out. The continuous pill that gets the range right is only drawing the axis range to the extent of the largest value (plus a little extra), not actually adding any marks.



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