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    using a dimension as a measure value

    Harley Ellenberger

      I know that I can't use a dimension as a measure value, but I'm trying to create a simple crosstab view that includes a dimension as a column next to two numeric measures.

      'Sheet 1' shows my table with the two numeric measures.  I simply want to add my 'Buy Notes' dimension as a 3rd column to the left of the GRP field.

      'Sheet 2' uses the technique presented here - How do I include a disaggreagated (or at least a max/min) string as one of my measure values?


      This gets me close to what I need but I don't want the 'Buy Notes' field to be summed in my row and column totals.  I also lose the ability to show my GRP and Buy Amount column headers.


      Any other way of accomplishing this?