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    Mass Report Functionality Query


      I am currently evaluating Tableau (and other BI packages) to see if it will meet our requirements.  So far the ad-hoc analysis functionality seems great but there is one 'must have' function that I have not been able to resolve yet.


      Our company carries out online assessments of individuals and subsequently completes analysis and reporting on both the individuals and corporate summaries.  The reports that are generated are traditional Word/ pdf type reports that are made up of fixed text, dynamic charts and tables.  For a group of 100 candidates there would be 100 individual reports plus at least one corporate summary report.


      My question is; can Tableau 'auto' generate these reports using a template and export as pdf (or similar)?  I would really like this to be possible with Tableau as the other analysis functionality looks great.


      Thanks in advance. Any tips would be appreciated.