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    Reshaping data tool too large for Excel

    Josephine Ho

      I have a survey data set that has TWO rows for field names:


      Normally, I can use the Tableau Add-in for Excel to reshape the data so that it creates THREE columns for:

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      However, due to the large data set, it doesn't complete the process because it reaches Excel's maximum row count.



      When I try to reshape the data in Tableau using "pivot," it doesn't work in the same format because it only works for data with ONE row with field names, not TWO.


      The Tableau Add-in for Excel gives me the right format BUT the data set is too large for it to complete the process in Excel. The Tableau "pivot" option doesn't hit a maximum row count BUT it can't pivot for data sets with TWO rows for field names (it doesn't pivot data into three rows, which is what I'm looking for).


      Any solutions? Help!