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    Workbook tde best practices for performance

    Kristy McGee

      Good morning (or whatnot)

      I am currently working on a very tight deadline to create a complex reporting solution that includes quick filters, parameters, and 'popping parameters'.  All that to say, that this is a very heavy workbook.  We are working on performance currently and I want to make sure what I have done so far is the best course of action.  Below are the specs:


      1. 1 tde is created via ssis package and updated on a daily basis.  the tde is placed in a folder on the production box - my personal box has the same file structure to save the tde (c:tableau datasources/details.tde)

                      The tde is 4million records and growing.  Created from a cube with no measures - only dimensions (15 or so).  Data type is class registration so the smallest piece of info is the course instance record (when a student opens the course a GUID is created) 

                               There are a couple of measures that are used to get a countd flag into the tde so we are not performing a countd calc

      B.  There are 4 different dashboard views that are controlled via a parameter on the top section that also houses the 4 quick filters and submit 'button' that controls all the sheets below.

      C.  Since each Dashboard should only be calculated at the time of selection, I have created a datasource for each dashboard with a dashboard datasource filter.  These datasources only have the 4 redundant fields (Organization, Facility, Product, and Partner) in common.  They each have their own measures

      I did not publish the datasources to use.  Should I continue to keep the datasources in the report, or publish them to the server and replace the existing ones with the published versions?  If so, then do you extract these to run faster?

      We will have 50 concurrent users that have the capability of running this report. 

      We currently run 8.2.4 in production and dev.  I am testing out 9 on my own server (dev's dev) but don't see a big difference.  Should the settings be something different or anything on the server to speed things up?  It runs fairly quickly on my desktop but the initial load takes too long on server (2 minutes or so).

      Help please!  There is not really another person in house to research this with, so any and all help I see is here. Sorry for the long thread - but since it is client sensitive data - it takes more to mask the data to share the workbook than I like.  I can if it helps

      Russell Christopher  Mark Jackson Jonathan Drummey