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    Generate message for no visual

    Carolyn Marks

      Hi there--


      I'm sure someone knows this .  Just say I have a dashboard that shows Opex, Commissions, Sales, Head Count, etc.

      I allow people to filter North America, Europe, Asia, etc.


      Just say, Europe doesn't pay commissions...that employees just get a base (just making it up).  And thus, my data has no rows for Commissions.  How do I display a message where that visual would be instead?


      IE:  "European employees are not paid a commission due to EU regulations" (don't  worry, making it up!)  And how would I make this message dynamic based on filters/visuals?


      Any ideas?

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          Rody Zakovich

          You can accomplish this using a Parameter and sheet swapping.


          More on sheet swapping go to Creating a Sheet Selector for a Dashboard | Tableau Software


          1. Create a calculated field containing the Text for Europe.


          Europe Text.png


          2. Create a sheet for each Continent.






          Next create a Parameter to use as a filter.



          Now that you have a Parameter and the sheets in place, you can start the magic.


          Create a calculated field that contains the Parameter only.

          Calc Param.png

          Next thing you want to do is drag this onto the filter pane of each Sheet and Select Customer Value List and type in the name of the continent.



          Finally create a dashboard and use a Vertical Container. NOTE - You need to hide the title on all of your sheets for this to work. Make show to Show Parameter Control, since this will be the users "Filter".


          Here is what it looks like when US is selected.

          Final 1.png


          And here is Europe

          Final 2.png


          Hope this helps!



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            Carolyn Marks

            You are AWESOME!  Thank you for that very detailed explanation.  I'll check it out once I know what data I do not have from the regions!


            I appreciate your quick and very detailed response!

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              Rody Zakovich

              No problem. Also, since you have to hide the title for the Swapping trick to work, I suggest created another sheet to use as a dynamic title.


              Simply create a new sheet and drag the "Display" calculation in the Text Marks. And do some edits.


              Text Edis.png


              Then drag this onto the Dashboard above the Vertical Container.


              Final 3.png


              When users change the parameter, the Title will update with it.