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    Formatting fit entire view

    Bob Nims

      I have quite a few lists on one screen that interrelate with each other.  In the example I have attached I am clicking on MySQL 5.x and it filters Support Status and Users.  As you can see in the after clicking graphic the items are expanding to fill the space.  This makes sense because I have Support Status and Users set to fill entire view.  I have tried using fit width and manually adjusting them but they just never quite display right and once I get more data the things are off again. I am also getting a difference between how things look on Tableau Desktop and the rendered view on Tableau Server using Fit Width.  Fit Entire seems to work well except for the way it spaces things out.  I have tried setting things to align top - left which helps if only one items is showing in the filtered view but if I have two or more they do a spaced out stack and the screen layout just looks odd.


      Any suggestions on how to get my list to stack to the top and retain the container height and width would be great.





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          Bob Nims

          My co-worker Mike McDonnell came up with a solution to this issue that works fairly well.  He created a container on the dashboard and then floated a worksheet into the spot.  It's a workaround but it does appear floated containers are helpful in the way they render.