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    How can I include a LOD calculation from secondary data source?

    Geoff Koch

      Hi all,


      We are tracking total amount of time logged in to a site and this is our scenario: The user can log in to a main 'site' and then can navigate to certain 'subsites' (which also have individual login and logout times) while maintaining the initial login to the 'site'. For instance, User A logs in to the site at 10:00 pm and logs out of the site at 10:50 pm and navigates to 4 or 5 different subsites during that time period. The data is tracked at the subsite level, so I've utilized LOD calculations to determine the min login time and the max logout time fixed on the site level.


      The problem I'm running into is when I use another data source as the primary source and attempt to bring over the LOD calculation from a secondary source. I've blended on user ID. Is it not possible to include LOD calculations from a secondary data source?


      Information is not anonymized yet, so if it would help to attach an example please let me know.