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    Compact filter for several dimensions

    Sebastian Schäfer

      My data contains about 30 different dimension attributes with about 5 to 10 different values each. On my tableau dashboard I would like to give the user the possibility to set filters (with multi-selection) on any dimension, but I don't have the space to display each dimension separately. Is there a way to firstly let the user select the dimension and in a second step select the desired values? (The concept of cyclic groups available in QlikView would do the job, but I could not find something similar in tableau.)


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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          Hi Sebastian,


          we can use parameter to change this dynamically.

          if you want to show measures then


          Create parameter [Measure Parameter] list as Sales, Profit and Unit Price

          measure para.png


          Create calculation as follows [Measure Calc]

          case [Measure Parameter]

          when "Sales" then [Sales]

          when "Profit" then [Profit]

          when "Unit Price" then [Unit Price]



          Drag this [Measure Calc] into coloumn and drag any of dimensions into row


          Show Parameter control and select Kpis.



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            Sankarmagesh Rajan


            if you want to show Dimensions dynamically



            Create [Dim Parameter]





            Create calc as

            Case [Dim Parameter]

            When “Region” then [Region]

            When “Product Category” then [Product Category]




            Drag this calculation into row



            Show parameter control and select dimensions.





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              Sebastian Schäfer

              Hi Sankar,
              thanks for your answer. Unfortunately I am still not able to get what I am looking for.

              Let me give you an example: I have three completely independent dimensions REGION, CATEGORY and COLOR. A possible solution would be to have a drop down that contains those three. In another control below all values of the currently selected dimension are displayed to the user allowing him to (multi-)select the values he is interested in. By that he is able to set his filters for all three (or in reality much more) dimensions and the visualizations are adjusted accordingly. With the solution you proposed I can only set the filter for one dimension at a time, and not e.g. set a (combined) filter on REGION and CATEGORY.


              In QlikView the solution to my problem comes “out of the box”: All dimensions can be put into a single “cyclic group” allowing the user to cycle through (or directly select) any one of them and setting filters on the respective values as needed - all in one control on the screen for any number of dimensions.


              Maybe there is currently no solution for that in tableau or maybe someone has found a tricky way to do it.

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                Prashant Sharma

                Hi Sebastian,

                I know in Qlikview we have cyclic group but here we do not have that option but you can achieve this by using parameter & with different reports in a single dashboard & you can use sheet swapping for that.

                Let me take one example.

                If you want to create one Product Category (Category, Sub-Category, Item) & one Region Category (State, City) then you have to create two different reports. One is with Product Category & one is with Region Category. Using sheet swapping method we can switch these reports on the basis of group selection using parameter - Sheet Swapping and Popping with Joe Oppelt (and a Tip on Searching the Tableau Forums) | mluttonbi

                You can also check this blog - Dynamic Hierarchies with Tableau - Clearly and Simply

                I don't think that this will work - You can also use custom SQL for achieving the same. In custom SQL you can use Union ALL to create another column that is having all the dimension names & one column having values of these dimensions - SQL UNION Operator

                Every tool is having its limitations so we have to find out other ways to solve the issues. Hope you can understand!


                Warm Regards,

                Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn