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    Javascript data export with dynamic sheet selection

    Ian Pytlarz

      I have an issue that is down to me not having much experience with the Javascript API. I'm sure there is an easy fix, but it would be helpful to have someone point me to it rather than dig through piles of code.


      I'm trying to use the export data dialog function on a workbook where I select the displayed sheet via a parameter. If I select anything but the initial sheet, I get the following error:


      IndexOutOfBoundsException: vector index out of range

      2015-03-04 15:50:18.032 (VPcpuqweIAwAAApEdQcAAAHw,0,1)

      I assume this is because the export function is still looking for that first sheet and can't find it anymore. Is there a way to direct it to the right place by changing some variable in javascript via a parameter change listener function? I can figure out how to add that listener function, I'm just not sure what the export data dialog function is looking for. If someone could enlighten me on that, I'm pretty confident I can fix this.

      For reference, here is the website with the issue: http://www.purdue.edu/datadigest/Test%202015/enrollmap.html