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    Dynamic Filtering Based on Custom Polygons

    Brady Colby

      Hello All,


      Using some assistance I found in these forums, I was able to create a map of universities with polygons drawn as radii at 50,100 and 250 miles. On the same map I plotted the headquarters of school district locations across the US.


      What I need to do now is select a given polygon (university and radius) and give details/show on the map only the school districts (red dots) that are located within that geography.


      FYI, I used Alteryx to generate the shape files for the radius polygons. Then I combined that data into a single table with all of the school district data. Each polygon has 101 points. Each point is a unique row in the table with a unique identifier, same for the school districts. Each polygon also has an identifier found in another column that is null for the individual school districts.


      Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.