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    Dashboard with different filters - creation of multiple PDFs (Desktop/Server)

    Marc Rapparlie

      hi there,


      maybe I missed something but I having an easy issue :-)!


      WE created multiple dashboards in tableau desktop and published them on server with approx 4-5 filters to customize the data we want to see. If we would like to print a dashboard with all the different filter settings than it takes a long time as I have to set the filter and than go to print. So If I have i.e. Different countries (see attached file) I am not able to say please print for each countriy one pdf. Same for the other filters.


      I attached a sample view of a dashboard with multiple filters:


      Lets say I want to create a pdf for each filter which is here


      a) audience metric

      b) market

      c) country

      d) season

      e) category


      isnt there a way to do this automatically or do I need a batch file to do this.


      what would be the solution for this issues? Does anybody has an idea?


      I am doubting myself as I am not able to find a proper solution without be a bit more than a heavy tavleau user.