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    Mapping events between two dates

    Robert M Chapple

      Hi all,

      I’m hoping you can help a Tableau novice! I’m attempting create a Viz of historical events (Battles of WWI) by (among other things) the numbers of troops in the field. As some battles took place over several calendar months, I’ve provided columns for Battle Start and End date. When I put a single Date pill on the Pages shelf, I can easily produce an animated map or I can create a Quick Filter to show specific dates. As long as the battle was contained within one calendar month this is not an issue. My problems arise when I want the mark to appear for several consecutive months. For example: the First Battle of Champagne was fought from December 1914 to March 1915. Right now I can make the mark appear for either the opening or closing date of the battle, but not persist on the map for the time in between.


      All help would be gratefully received (even if it's to tell me that I'm out of my depth)!