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    Apply to worksheets not working

    Luis Amadeo

      I have five similar worksheets that I need to apply a filter to. The first time I set it up, it worked well when I applied the filter to the selected worksheets. However, when I update the filter in the first (or master) worksheet, it does not update in the other ones, even though when I look at the "My filter" menu on the other ones, it has the selected filters from the master one. Has anyone come across this issue?


      Thank you,



      Luis Amadeo


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          Manoj Ramachandra

          Hi Luis. Filter is not global. Yes while setting up filter, you can apply to all worksheet but that just means that the filter is being added to all worksheet(in filters shelf). It does not mean that, when you change value in master sheet or any sheet for that matter, the value will automatically change in other sheets.


          If you want this feature, then you need to create parameter. Parameter is global filter. When you change value in master, it changes in all the other sheets.



          Hope this helps you.

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            Tableau kumar

            My Suggestion here is,

            Add that 5 Views in a Dashboard then Define the Action Filter from Master Report to all Child Reports.




            Use The Master Report a Filter, It means If you select Region = "East" in the Master Report, All child reports will filtered to East data only.



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              Matt Lutton

              Luis Amadeo Are you working with more than one data source?  If so, this KB article may be useful to you:



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                Vikash Ranjan

                The filter is when first time applied on all the worksheet will have the copy of details as set in the primary worksheet. But as u make changes in any of the worksheet, that changes will not be applied on all. Few ways to tackle this issue.


                1. U can have all ur required workbook included in a dashboard, and then bring required filters there and say apply to all worksheet on this dashboard.


                2. If u want to implement u changes globally when u make some changes in a specific workbook, u can try to use a parameter, before u implement the filter to all workbook. Since, parameter is something global, that when changed, it changes across the workbook, and  it will affect all the filter even if u do it after implementing "apply to all worksheet".


                3. If it doesn't sound lame, u can always remove filter (if there are not many) from the dependent worksheet, and again say apply to all once u are done with ur changes.

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                  Akila Mohan

                  Hi Luis, I think you should try the option of applying the filter to worksheets, if they are from the same data source, then controlling the filter one sheet would control all others. But as Matthew mentioned, parameters will help you when using more than one data sources.

                  Select how you want to apply this filter:

                  Apply filter.jpg

                  You will see the appropriate changes in the left side on the filter shelf:

                  All sheets in Data source.jpg

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                    Luis Amadeo

                    Thank you for this helpful information. I just have too many worksheets to include in one dashboard. I would think that the parameter option will be the way to go. However, I am a bit stumped on this at this point. Would you point me in the right direction on how to approach this?


                    Thanks you,



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                      Manoj Ramachandra

                      Hi Luis - Here is what you need to follow to create parameter.




                      In above link they have taken example for measure and calculate filed. If your filter is a dimension, then right click on dimension and chose create parameter ->Chose default value you need to display(current value) ->alternatively you can use display as option ->once done click OK.

                      Now in the parameter section(below measure section) your new parameter will be created. click on it and make it show in all sheet or dashboards you need.


                      Hope this helps you.

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