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    Start and End date calculations

    Dan Goodburn



      I'm trying to make a graph that shows that change over time of how long it takes to perform a certain process. Each process has multiple steps, and I need it to show the length of time it took for the whole process to be completed in the month it was completed. So, for example:

      CompanyStageStart DateEnd Date


      This would show



      Since Company B took 47 days and closed in February and A took 14 days and closed in January.


      I think my problem is that whenever I put End Date on the x-axis, it filters only the results with an end date in that month. Meaning I need to use the start date of company B stage 1 in February to calculate properly but it gets excluded from the figures that get passed to February.


      Somehow I need stage 3 to be able to calculate the end date of stage 3 minus the start date of stage 1 before it gets filtered by dates. Alternately, I guess I could create a calculated field that would give all stages a new date that equals the end date of stage 3 so that it'll get filtered into the correct month. Or maybe there is a table calculation that would solve this?


      Thanks in advance for any help!