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    Maps- Setting a maximum value instead of an End value

    James Eichinger

      Hello All,

      I've been searching to see if anyone has even raised this question but cannot find it anywhere. Forgive me if this has been raised before.


      I have a map of the United States where I'm plotting the density of a specific population by CBSA. One CBSA has a rather large population, and if I show density by color, it swamps the scale. To solve this, I have set the maximum value at 1000. Colors show a broader range of densities now.


      However, if I filter things on a characteristic that eliminates 80% of the population, The map colors no longer help, because I've pinned that maximum range to 1000.


      Is there a way where I can get that max value to act more as a ceiling, while still allowing the colors to scale dynamically? In other words, I want the colors to behave dynamically according to population, but never attempt to scale above 1000.