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    Fixing if possible a dashboard conflict amongst visualizations

    Mark Labovitz

      I have a dashboard in which I generate results for one selected quarter using a slider quick filter.  I also have an attrached plot which allows me to use multiple quarters on the x-axis it has its own dropdown list of quarters quick filter.  These two control are not tied together.  The table and plot are also filtered by an aggregation level called hierarchy and a filter called class which are subdivisions of the hierarchy.  There are four potential choices for hierarchy and there are different classes associated with each hierarchy.  I have limited the class filter to only relevant values for the hierarchy. So for example a hierarchy called supersector has 19 classes and a hierarchy called subsector has 114 classes.  I can filter the table so that for a given quarter and other filters say only 3 of the 19 classes are relevant and show up in the class filter for the supersector hierarchy.  If I select any 2 of the three classes both the table and plot respond correctly, that is I get up to two entries in the table for the quarter and two plots on the figures over all the quarters I have selected. However if I select all three entries than the table responds as desired but the plot plots all 19 as if the All box has been clicked.  I have found this to be the case for any k number of available classes if I selected k-1 of the classes everything in the table and plot work, but if add that kth class (and it does not have to be the last positioned class in the list) the plot plots all classes in the hierarchy.  Note on the drop down I am not selecting the All box, but the individual classes.  The All box does automatically highlight if I click the k classes individually.  Any work around, any thoughts?  Thanks