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    Andre Gioia

      I need to access directly to a sheet's underlying data in order to send it to another application. Using the function showExportDataDialog I can show the data in a popup but I cannot access to it via javascript. Is there a way to generate programmatically the url used by this pop up without opening it? Even better is there a way to get from server one sheet's underlying data in a row format (ex json or csv)?


      Thank you very much!


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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Andre.


          There really isn't a good way to do this with the JavaScript API right now. The method you found was designed for people who want to recreate our toolbar vs. a mechanism to do interaction less exporting.


          Our developers have talked publicly about adding some sort of getData() method for this type of work, but there's no promise to get it done or an ETA. could you fire tabcmd export instead?

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            Andre Gioia

            Hi Christopher,

            thanks for the prompt answer. A getData method would be very useful for all the use cases similar to the one that I'm facing right now. To be more precise I need to let the final user free to filter and mark a sheet embedded in a webpage, When the data is properly filtered the user should be able to forward the uderlying data to a custom server application that store it in a database.


            To do that I think that tabcmd does not work for me because I cannot reproduce the filter/mark state set by the user in his work session. Am I right?



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              Russell Christopher

              (Sorry, have been travelling and had no time to stay on top of these threads)


              Correct. At this point you'd need to do something fairly unnatural like use our eventing mechanisms to track everything the user is doing (applying filters, selecting marks) and then transfer that info "out" of Tableau so it could potentially be used to create filters on the URL used to export the data via tabcmd - very clumsy.