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    Provide feedback to a Tableau product manager

    Rupali Jain

      Tableau is looking to learn more about how we can help with the management and administration of Tableau Server across the organization.  The goal of the conversations is to get a really good understanding of the Tableau admin, your needs and challenges in supporting self-service BI across your organization.

      I’m looking to talk with admins/project leaders who fit the following criteria

      • Manage Tableau (or a site, or a project) for your company and have at least a few months of experience with Tableau server
      • Deal with tableau content and/or setup and can provide perspective on managing Tableau.  Some areas that I’d like to get input on are:
        • Content management – organization into sites/projects/nested projects, version control etc..
        • Permissions
        • Workflow from test to production
        • Data governance policies in their organization
        • Visibility that you need into the install and usage by users in your organization.


      If you have 45 - 60 minutes and are willing to talk to us and provide feedback, please contact me at rjain@Tableau.com.



      Rupali Jain