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    Women's Empowerment Viz (WEViz)

    Emily Kund

      Hi everyone! You can normally hanging out on twitter, but I want to be better at using the forums. So, with that, I thought I'd encourage y'all to participate in a women's empowerment viz event that I organized.  You can register through Eventbrite and participants get a little swag and do some good at the same time.  The objective is to raise awareness about women's empowerment issues while promoting the work of participants (I'll be doing shout outs so that it increases participants visibility).  I'll be doing a blogpost, Matt Francis and I will be highlighting vizzes on the Tableau Wannabe Podcast, and if you accept the Bread for the World Challenge, you'll get extra swag.  I'm kind of trying to be Hans Rosling-esque because I want to use data for good.  I would appreciate any VizLove you all have to help support this initiative.  Thanks in advance!! check it out at: http://www.wannabeawesomeme.com/weviz