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    PDF page numbers

    . Bpoirier

      When printing a PDF from Tableau, I have several pages that I would like to have numbered once the PDF is created...is this possible in Tableau ?

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          I don't think you can currently do this in Tableau unless you batch it.  But it is very easy to do in Acrobat. Using Acrobat XI (my version), go to Edit >> Edit Text & Images.  Find the Pages section on the right menu and click.  A command is there for Header & Footer.  (snapshot below)


          Simply type in Page and hit insert page number to the form.



          Note: I have redacted the image preview to remove educational information.  In this image, a page number already exists as shown in the lower preview window.

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            . Bpoirier

            Thanks for the quick response James...unfortunately I only have Adobe Reader and not the Acrobat program...not sure what you mean by "batch"...