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    Automatically pull out common words from blocks of text?




      I would appreciate your help to determine if this is possible in Tableau: I'm trying to design a worksheet to help identify my favorite flavors in wine. As you can see below, I have a spreadsheet with wine names, ratings, and tasting notes. From that, I want to figure out which specific tasting notes I like and don't like.


      So, I would like for Tableau to look through all the tasting notes, pick out the common words, and find the average ratings for those wines. Thus, in the example above, it would identify that the word "oak" appears in both Wine A and Wine C; then, it would calculate that the rating for "oak" is 9.5 (average of 9 and 10). Similarly, it would identify that the word "pear" appears in both Wine A and Wine B, so it would calculate an average of 8.5.


      If necessary, I could also manually go through the data and ensure that the tasting notes column is properly comma-separated (e.g., turn Wine A's tasting notes into "oak, pear"); but, it would be ideal if it could just automatically look up every word (e.g., find the averages for "hints," "of," "oak," etc.) and then I could just filter out the important ones later.


      What do you think -- is this possible?


      Thanks for any help you can provide,