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    hiding filters on web editing mode

    Lucas Brito

      Hi, in our dashboard we have the following hierarchy:

      Project -> Customer -> Market.

      We embedded Tableau into a custom tool that passes the id of the project via URL to a parameter, which in turn dynamically modifies a custom sql query where clause. i.e. WHERE  project = <Parameter.Project>

      This only displays data for the specific project, its customers and market.

      Our issue is that many users can access the same project, but not all of them have the same permission within that project, meaning that some can see Customer 1 while others have access to Customer 2 and 3. Same applies to market, making it a large combination of possible permissions.

      Since tableau does not take multiple values in its parameters (we had thought about creating one for customer and one for market, adding AND clauses to the WHERE statement), we thought about passing the values via browser to a filter, instead of a parameter.

      This does the trick, but the downside is that every user has access to the web editing mode, and once in they could simply remove the customer or market pill from the filter shelf, exposing the entire dataset of the project.


      Does anyone have an idea or workaround on how to get this resolved?


      Thank you