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    Get Upgrade Date for Customers

    Jenny Zhang

      Hi All,


      I have been reading a lot of discussions in Tableau Community and they are very helpful.


      I have a question that I have been struggling and I am not able to find an answer by searching. I would really appreciate the help from the community.


      I have a work sheet with customer names and what products they buy. There are different tiers among the products - pro, premium and enterprise. I am trying to find out how I can create a calculated field to get the Date that the customer upgrade from one product to another (eg, from pro to premium, from premium to enterprise, from pro to enterprise). I have the Date that the customer paid for the product in the sheet. The pay product on a regular basis (eg,monthly, weekly). Please find the screenshot of my sheet below.




      For example, for the first customer, the upgrade calculated field should return December 3, 2014. Can Any one help me with this? Your help is greatly appreciated.


      Peter Gilks