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    Tickets Open and Closed

    Sujith Kumar Subbiah

      HI All

           I am trying to create a report that shows the number of tickets open and the number of tickets closed based on the priority and department,


      My data set contains 2 tables ( I have some sample records from 2 tables),


      Table 1 : Records gets inserted when a ticket is created and

      Table 2: Any change on the ticket gets reflected on this table ( Closed ticket is determined by State='Done' and changed date is closed date)


      I have created 2 different charts, I would like to create then on one chart so I can see the number of tickets open Vs number of tickets closed side by side


      ( Please note that I have used an outer join on my live connection to get the results),


      I have checked some posts, Suggestion was to union both the tables and get the results, is there any other way we can achieve this results


      Thanks in advance for your help on this