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    Tableau connector for Cloudera

    Riyaz A Shaikh



      We have been using Tableau from last few months. It is an very sophisticated tool for data visualization.


      We encountered performance issue when we connect to our Cloudera hadoop cluster which holds billions of records.


      So, to overcome the performance bottleneck, we have decided to connect Tableau with out Cloudera Solr cluster. As everyone knows that Solr is very fast for searching against billion of records.


      Unfortunately, we didn't find connect. So, we have decided to develop a connector which will serve our purpose and help other users as well.


      I will greatly appreciate if someone can point us to any link or document to start the plugin development for Tableau.


      We want to develop a plugin both for Tableau desktop and Server.


      We have good team of Java and C++ resources, just hunting for starting point of our plugin development.


      Thanks in advance