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    Tableau Education, Certification and Job Placement Question

    William Lee

      I have good experience with databases such as SQL Server and MS Access and have done a great deal of development, data integration, analysis and reporting work so I feel like my transition into Tableau will be pretty smooth. I've been researching various Tableau training classes online and many of them offer to help me with job placement after I complete their course.


      Does anyone have any experience going through training and job placement like this?  I honestly feel like I can do just as good a job going through my own self training with what's online and then try to shoot for either the Qualified Associate or even the Desktop Professional Certification a little bit later.


      My main concern is trying to get job placement on my own without one of these training centers validating me.  Part of me thinks that a self taught training routine is going to make it a much tougher job search effort down the line. 


      Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this?


      Thanks for your help and sounding in!



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          Joshua Milligan



          These are good questions!


          I don't personally have any experience with these specific online training centers, so I only have my opinion and experience.  I would think that with your background, you could pick up Tableau very well on your own.  Spend some time with the online training videos provided free by Tableau, find a data set and build a dashboard, deconstruct some Tableau Public vizzes to see how they were created and work through the analysis others have done (and possibly find flaws in their approaches).


          It would be interesting to understand a little more about these online training centers to see how they help with job placement.  It's possible they might be providing a useful service.  But it may also be simply a reference and a line to put on your resume, which might not be that helpful.  In my experience, many employers would be more impressed with a good portfolio of Tableau dashboards that demonstrate your ability over a course where you may or may not have learned something.  I'd definitely get some details.


          Pursuing the official certifications is very commendable.  Whether they would help secure employment would depend on the employer, but they would demonstrate a level of competence that might set you apart.


          That's my perspective.  Maybe others will have different views to share.




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            William Lee

            Hi Joshua,


            I really appreciate the advice thank you.  Do you know of any particular large or useful online data sets that I can gain access to in order to start playing around with the dashboards?  Given your feedback I'm certainly leaning towards the self taught option at this point.

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              Kaggle is a great place for that, sorry for the super late reply!