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    Duration between tasks?

    Matcha Blast

      Hi all,


      I want to get some ideas on how to best calculating the time for each different Task List Action. I know we can use Datediff function to calculate a task if we have a start time and an end time. However, in this case it is not simple to identify the end time of a task. For example, in Batch 1, ReadyForAnalysis starts at 12/19/2014 11:32 but went through different Approved steps and did not end until 12/26/2014 12:14. Compared with Batch 2, ReadyForAnalysis time can be calculate easily between the Approved time as the end time at 12/30/2014 10:57 from 12/30/2014 10:57 ReadyForAnalysis. Each batch is vary of how many Approved steps before it finishes. I want to be able to calculate different Task List Action such as: ReadyForAnalysis and ClientDataQc. I am not able to figure out how to identify the end time.



      TitleEntered StatusTask List ActionReviewerActor
      Batch 112/19/2014 11:32ReadyForAnalysisNULLJames
      Batch 112/19/2014 11:32ApprovedAubri NULL
      Batch 112/26/2014 11:22ApprovedJanell NULL
      Batch 112/26/2014 12:00ApprovedPhilip NULL
      Batch 112/26/2014 12:14ApprovedKathy NULL
      Batch 212/30/2014 10:57ReadyForAnalysisNULLAubri
      Batch 212/30/2014 10:57ApprovedLisa NULL
      Batch 212/30/2014 11:02ClientDataQcNULLAubri
      Batch 212/30/2014 11:15ApprovedPhilip NULL
      Batch 212/30/2014 11:49ApprovedKaren NULL
      Batch 31/5/2015 8:39ReadyForAnalysisNULLKaren
      Batch 31/5/2015 8:40CompleteNULLKaren


      Thank you all.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Matcha Blast,


          In this example, is the "Entered Status" for the following task also the end time for the previous task?  That is not clear from the data.  Ideally, the data would contain the end date/time for each task in addition to the start date/time.


          In the attached workbook, I have created a field that looks up the date/time of the next Entered status in the list and populates a new column.  Then I created one additional field that uses Datediff to compare the two times and show the number of minutes.


          Is this the desired outcome?