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    Two errors when accessing Server

    Andrew Herden

      Good morning, All!


      I am getting two separate errors in a view I've published to Tableau Server.  The datasource is a SQL query that is published to Server.  This datasource is used in several workbooks that do not show the following errors when I open them.  Below, I've copied the text from the error and provided a breif explanation for what happens when the error occurs. (Note, the desktop version I'm using is 7.0.9 and the server version is 7.0.4).




      "Unknown SessionID class std::out_of_range Unable to properly calculate the domain for the field 'STATE'. Displayed data may be incorrect."


      This error shows up when I first open the workbook after the datasource has been refreshed.  State is a 2 character abbreviation and contains US states, Canadian states, and US territories (i.e. PR, Guam, etc...).  The workbook is filtered to only show 48 continental states plus DC, so it removes all non-US states.  The error asks me if I want to reset the view.  If I click yes, then it displays the next error below.  If I click no, the dashboard page appears with the title and captions, but no analysis or view.


      "No such column [Calculation_2650529145423659]."

      This error shows up on subsequent workbook openings.  It refers to a calculated field using CASE.  I've verified that all cases have been considered in the calculation and this same calc when used in other workbooks published successfully.  When the error displays, I am prompted to reset the view.  If I click Yes, it displays the error again and reprompts me to reset the view.  If I click No, the view runs and runs, but never displays.


      Can anyone help me with this?  I am pretty well versed in Desktop, but am just starting to get into server content administration.  Thanks!

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          Nagavaibhav E

          Hi Andrew...

          I know its a very old post, still i think it should have some hints to the solution.

          The error says it is not able to calculate the domain of values for the field 'STATE'


          As you said, values are all 2 character abbreviation. However, i'm guessing in the same stream you are getting another value called 'STATE'. Kindly add a filter to this connection to remove 'STATE' from the result. That should solve the problem.