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    Is there a way to publish to PDF and keep Hyperlinks

    Chris Moseley

      I have a report with Hyplerlinks that I would like to send as  PDF.  However, this report contains a hyperlink that is not the full text of the URL (which can run 60+ characters and thus does not fit on page and also looks bad). 


      The only way I've gotten this to work so far is:

      1) Export to excel (with the full URL in one column)

      2) Hide the URL column and use the Excel formula "=Hyperlink(A2,"Link"), where A2 is the hidden URL

      3) Copy that column of formulas into MS Word and then back into Excel (as pdf does not recognize theexcel equation as a hyperlink unless it is "laundered" through a program like MS Word)

      4) Use Excel to generate PDF.


      This is a ton of extra manual work and also looses the value of Excel as a data visualization tool.


      Any thoughts?  It would be great to just export to PDF and have hyperlinks work.