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    How to prevent Tableau from changing my field names?

    Nat Lutz

      With our upgrade to Tableau 8.2 I have noticed a new "feature" (should be considered a bug) that changes my field names from the query to the Tableau workbook. While I understand the reason behind it...it is a terrible idea if there isn't an option to turn it off.


      What it does:


      Turns the x INTO y


      patientType INTO Patient Type

      popatientType INTO Popatient Type  (This is an alias...po...with patientType following - which means the change in field is useless)


      Many databases are setup to be case sensitive and without a question every database treats "patientType" different than "Patient Type". This can cause major problems and needs to be looked into. It also makes it more difficult when typing calculated fields because it actually accepts both methods. However if someone enters that and someone else looks at the workbook it can and will be confusing to them.


      Any help in turning this "feature" off would be greatly appreciated.