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    Axis Issue

    Sai Manikanta N



      I have 2 measure with different units, one in K's and other in Millions. Is it possible to generate a graph with better viz(Not too small or too tall)

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          KK Molugu



          Until we see the data and the objective of what you are trying to do, it will be a little hard to figure out the viz. Before the viz, we should first write what you want to convey.


          Can you share some data and/or some questions.



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            Suhrid Ghosh

            Are you trying to synchronize axis here , can you attach a sample workbook for the same and the desired o/p if possible ???

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              Sai Manikanta N

              My Data is :



                 Spend 1Spend 2
              Dept 3210004800000
              Dept 4400006500000

              Like this, How Can I do stacked Bar?

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                KK Molugu



                The main objective of the viz is to depict what's in the data. In the above data, your spend 1 is very small compared to Spend 2 and if we do a stacked bar, its hard to see. Having said that, I have couple options;


                Option 1: Show the Labels on the view as this will help to see the information



                Option Log: Using the log scale (I am not really a big fan of Log scale, but it helps when there is a huge variation in data)


                .option log.PNG

                Hope this helps with what you are looking for



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