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    Server license requirement

    Manish Virmani

      Hi All,


      Do we need the Server License if we want our reports will be accessible to our resources placed over diffrent parts of state.

      Or please help me to under stand why we should need server license?




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          Rishabh Dhingra

          Hi Manish,


          Tableau Server is a browser based insight which is used to share the dashboards throughout the organization.


          You need a Server license for the users to enable them access to the dashboards published on the Tableau Server.


          For the initial phase, the users can use Tableau Reader (a free desktop application to open and view applications) in order to look at the dashboards and get familiar with it. However, this comes with lot of limitations and you would eventually need to switch to Tableau server soon for which you would need server license.


          Let me know if you need any further inputs.




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            Manish Virmani

            Hi Rishabh,


            This is very helpful!!


            Once we have the Server license, and hope we have 1000 resource who need to view the dashboard. So 1000 accounts will be requird to use that? As we use gmail account we need to signup so i trying and findout the correlation how user will access those dashbaords.


            Please help!




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              Rishabh Dhingra

              Looking at your user base, I would suggest you to go ahead with Core based license, but you need to think of few parameters like 'Concurrency'.


              Here is the link which gives you the difference between a core based license and a user based license:-




              I am not too sure on the gmail account. I am using Active directory accounts to log into Tableau Server, do you have any Active Directory set up?