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    Rotating Dashboard Display with JavaScript and CSV

      Hey everyone!


      I recently had a need here at Tableau to display several dashboards on a public monitor in our office, and we needed the display to automatically rotate through the dashboards sequentially. Additionally, we needed to display some dashboards for longer than others, and we wanted an easy way to add or remove dashboards as necessary. After looking around, I wasn't able to find a pre-built solution to this problem, so I went ahead and made my own! I thought that some of you may find this useful, so I'm posting it here publicly for others to use freely.


      A word of warning: I am by no means a JavaScript expert, and I can't guarantee that the code will work on every browser. I also make no claims that this is the best way to do it, and I am open to any suggestions for modifications or improvements


      The code allows you to select a CSV file (sample included for reference) that contains one column of "URLs" to display and another of "Seconds" to show each URL. Once the CSV is loaded and submitted, the URLs will be displayed in an iframe, and the script will sequentially step through the URLs, looping back around at the end of the list.


      I've attached the script in html form, to make it easy for all. I'd love to hear if anyone finds this useful


      - Jordan

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