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    Index to Average by Geogrphic Regions

    David Breh



      Been struggling with this problem for a few weeks now so I thought i would reach out for some help.  What I am looking to do is create a calculated field that is the index of a brands sales to the average sales per geographic region.  In this case DMA.


      What I want to show is how much a brands sales over / under indexes in each DMA based on the category average in that DMA.  So for example if Brand 1 has sales of 1000 in zip code 1 and the category average in the zip code is 2000, the index will be 50 (1000/2000)*100


      I can achieve this calculation in a table (See attached Index Table) by computing the index calculation using by Pane, but my problem is, I can't do this with a map.  If i compute using by DMA, it will use the full average across all DMAs and not within the DMA itself.


      Any way I can achieve this calculation with a zip code?


      Thanks for any help.