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    Table calculation question (nested? partitioning/addressing?)

    Susan Oner

      Hi all,


      I'm looking for a way to show a relative comparison (index or %) by comparing to the average.  There is a sample notebook attached, the example is described in the caption of the worksheet.


      Basically, in a table with two dimensions, Quicktable calculations can show % of total using across one of them (i.e. Product Category):


      % of Net Sales

      MarketCoffeeEspressoHerbal TeaTeaGrand Total
      Grand Total26.45%27.20%25.28%21.07%100.00%


      Now I'd like to compare each cell to the average for that product category.  I.e. The average % of net sales for coffee is 26.45%.  But in the South, it's 32.00%.  I'd like a table with calculation showing (32.00% - 26.45%) / 26.45% = 1.21 or 21% larger than average.


      Can I do this with table calcs and playing with addressing/partitioning?  I tried to create a calculation using the % of sales formula, then use that in the table but no go.  Any help would be very appreciated.


      Thank you,