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    How many extracts do you have on your Tableau Server?

      Hi Folks!


      I'm a Program Manager for Tableau Server and I'm looking for information to help inform a couple design decisions related to the upgrade process for Tableau Server 9.0. If you're a Tableau Server admin, can you tell me how many records are in the 'extracts' table of your Tableau Server repository database?


      You can get this info a couple of ways:

      1. Enable the 'readonly' user in Tableau Server 8.2.5 or 8.3
      2. Open the attached workbook and enter your 'readonly' user credentials
      3. Send me a screenshot of the view, or just give me the mark label count (whichever's easier).
      4. OR after step 1, use your favorite query tool to execute this query directly against the 'workgroup' database and send me the result: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM extracts;


      Thanks for your help!

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