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    Filtering question

    Adam West

      Hi, all,

      I have a newbie question about filtering.   I have been working on a simple benchmarking tool to allow a small group of organisations to assess their customer satisfaction data and conduct some simple peer group filtering.  I have two values to filter by - NSW and non-NSW.  However the non NSW group only has three members and so filtering by this group could identify organisations and they would rather un-identified.  So I have been trying to offer two filer options - 'all' (which = NSW + other) and "NSW' without having 'other' as a filter option.  Any suggestions - I'm sure it is really simple but as a very new user I haven't been able to crack it.  I'm using Tableau desktop 8.2 and Excel 2010.  Hope someone can help.  The member organisations have asked that I don't provide the workbook so I'm not able to attach that with my question.  Thanks Adam.