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    Filtering across multiple data sources using a date field


      Hello everyone,


      I have created a dashboard containing several different workbooks created using 2 different data sources. The dashboard shows various graphs and tables filtered using a single value dropdown date quick filter formatted as "MMMM YYYY", i.e. "October 2014".


      I can of course successfully filter all the charts from one data source by applying the quick filter to "selected workbooks" however I would like the filter to also apply to the workbooks using the secondary data source.


      I've tried using a combination of parameters and calculated fields to try and create a global filter such as explained on this VizWiz blog entry VizWiz: Create a global filter in Tableau across multiple data sources in eight simple steps - Data Visualization Done R…, however I was not successful on applying this method to a date filter.


      Can anyone help me figure this out?


      Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.


      Best regards,