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    Difficulties with Tableau maps

    Melissa Black

      Apologies if this query has already been asked. I am currently working on a dashboard that maps certain companies by postcode in the UK. At the minute the dashboard is very simple just the map and one filter (size of company). When no filter is selected the map disappears. Is there a way to get the map to appear even when there are no data points?




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          Matt Lutton

          Here is one way to trick Tableau into doing something like this.


          Use floating worksheets -- one with your marks, and then duplicate that same sheet, but color your marks with 0% transparency, so they don't show up.


          Then, simply float the empty map behind your original on a dashboard.  When everything is excluded from the Filter (no data is present), the blank map will appear.


          This could be difficult to set up if you have a bunch of other worksheets on the dashboard, as you obviously have to line everything up and size it appropriately in order for this to work.


          But I hope it helps--it was fun for me, anyway!


          Map with Blank.png

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            Simon Runc

            hi Mel,


            There might be a less convoluted way to do this (a Show Map on no selection tick box would be nice!), but the attached is a work around I've used before, and is a bit of an illusion!


            I've created a Workbook as my selector (called CitySelector), on City (in my example), this way I can use the Dashboard Filter actions.

            I've created a Map (called Map All) which has all the Cities, it's just that I've set the colour to Grey, made them totally transparent, and made them as small as possible.


            I've then created my Map (worksheet called Map_Selected)


            I've added the CitySelector, and Map All to my Dashboard, as usual. I've then put the Map_Selected over the Top of the Map All, as a floating object. I've then created a dashboard action as shown below (with removing selection will 'Exclude all Values'Map Action.JPG


            The net result is, the Map Selected appears over the Map all on selection, and vanished when selection is clear [leaving the Map All in view]. Hope this helps...and they bring a simpler control on Maps in T9!!


            You need to do a bit of messing about to get the maps the same size...etc. so the illusion is convincing!

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              Simon Runc

              Hi Matthew,


              ....Great minds think a like!!!

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                add a null island row

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                  Melissa Black

                  Thank you all for your help. The map behind works well