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    filter on month and year combination


      I am working in Tableau 8.2


      I have a date created field in Access that I brought in to Tableau.


      I made separate filters for month and year.


      For my data, I would like to show specific combinations for month and year.

      For example, just the data for October 2013, November 2013, December 2013, and January 2014.


      How can I select this data?

      I was thinking of making a filter that has all the month/year combinations:

      Oct 2013

      Nov 2013

      Dec 2013

      Jan 2014



      For this example, on the months filter, if I select October, November, December, January for months and 2013 and 2014 for years, I will get October data from 2013 AND 2014, November data from 2013 AND 2014 (I only want data from October 2013 and November 2013)


      Please advise.