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    FAQ:  To Date Calculations



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      It was quite interesting for me to find and re-read  this request  for a  FAQ page:


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          Saurabh Siroya



          I have a business requirement where I want to use the relative filter but the current date should be a user input and based on that I should be able to select Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly view. Or is there a way to create a date as an input for the user and based on that I will have a list from which I can select weekly, Monthly or a Quarterly view.


          Please help.



          Saurabh Siroya

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            shlpa deshmukh

            Hi Guys,


            Can someone help me on this. I have one date column. i want to color the line chart using date in such a way that (maximum date - 90) should be colored in one color and rest in other.


            I am using this calculation but its not working.


            IF (ATTR([Date])=[Max Date]

            or ATTR([Date])>=DATEADD('day',-90,[Max Date]))

            THEN 'Forecast' else 'Actual' END


            Please correct me.

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              Ayush Gaurav

              Hi all,


              I have a requirement where I have date variable. I have created a parameter to use it as a filter for Month, Day, Year, Weekday, and week. For others everything is working as per requirement. I am facing issue when selecting 'Week'.

              This is showing the numbers as 0,1,2,... and so on. But I want this to be shown as week starting date. Consider the below attached format to achieve.



              Acual Week NumberExpected date format
              WeekWeek Starting Date


              I have used below statement in calculated field to get the week and weekday(Sunday, Monday,..)

              WHEN 'Weekdate' then STR(DATEPART('week',[Date Time Nearest Hour])-1)

              WHEN 'Day Name' then STR(DATENAME('weekday',[Date Time Nearest Hour],'Sunday'))


              Please suggest what should be done to achieve my required output.

              • 5. Re: FAQ:  To Date Calculations
                Saurabh Siroya

                can you share a sample worksheet ?


                I am not sure but I can try to help you.




                • 6. Re: FAQ:  To Date Calculations
                  Amany Mhmd

                  This is great

                  thank you