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    Scheduling, Tasks, and Priority guidance.

    Toby Erkson

      Re: 'Run jobs sequentially' question

      The above thread discusses the priority aspects of Schedules and Tasks.  This is good info to know when juggling multiple schedules whose tasks can run on top of each other e.g. Schedule-1 runs on the hour every hour, Schedule-2 runs every 15 minutes, so once an hour they would "collide" and thus priority could come into play when dealing with incremental and full extracts.


      What I also got from this is that Task priority over-rules Schedule priority.

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          Matt Coles

          Thanks Toby, that's great information! I wonder how Subscriptions play into this ranking, since there's no obvious way to set priority at the task level for them? They only ever use one Backgrounder process per Schedule at the moment, so once they're started, the whole batch will run on the one Backgrounder process...but it still leaves an open question about when that batch is actually queued relative to Extract tasks.