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    Cube - create map from geography attribute




      I am very new to Tableau (testing to determine if it's worth a buy actually) and albeit having been able to create some graphs easily I am stumped with this one. I'd like to create a map showing our projects on a map. In our cube the "geography" is an attribute dimension, i.e. each member in our project dimension gets an attribute defining its geography (in our case: English ISO country names).

      In the Dimensions pane Tableau does not show the geography attribute dimension as a separate dimension, though, but as a field in the projects dimension.

      First question would be: can I change that? Showing the attribute dimension as a separate dimension would feel much more natural as this is also how Essbase users are used to work with it in SmartView.


      Anyway, I go through the motions to create a map, i.e. I set the "geographic role" of the geography field in the projects dimension to "Country/Region" and get the Longitude/Latitude measures. But all the longitudes and latitudes are zero for a reason I cannot figure out. Any insight here would be appreciated.