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    Pointer in Tableau

    Ujjwal Kumar

      Hi All,


      i have an excel file which has date columns ranging from D1 to D30. these date columns have the target sales date to be achived each day.

      in tableau i create a report using column D1, now is there any possibilty by which with the chage of sysdate changes the D1 column of report dynamically changes to D2, D3..........D30.


      Also do we have any concept of Session or Dynamic variables here in Tableau something which we can find in OBIEE.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Since your data is in Excel, your best bet is to use the Tableau plugin:


          The New Reshaper...


          And reshape your data. Dates running horizontal in columns doesn't work very well in Tableau. Once you're got all your dates in a single column then you can use TODAY() to easily call up that day's target.


          I have no idea about your OBIEE question, you really should ask it as a separate question.