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    REST API limitations

    Michel Roberge

      Hi guys,


      I know I am annoying about the publish functionality being missing from the API, and we were told at TC14 it would make it to 9.0 - which is great.


      Because I was told this, I started to use the API. At least, try to.


      The way we integrate our solution with tableau, OUR system is managing the workbooks. My problem is that if I want to do anything to a workbook, I need to use the internal ID... Which I can only get with GetUserWorkbooks, which requires the user internal ID, which I can get only with the GetSiteUsers, which requires the internal site Id, which I can get only through GetSites...


      That's a very long way to get to an ID.


      What if I could just pass the site friendly name and the workbook friendly name? That would be just simpler and faster for me.