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    Python Data Extract API - duplicate table name exception

    Andrew Mendoza

      Hi everyone,


      I'm running into an issue with the Data Extract API for Python. I was able to follow along with the On Demand training video and get the script to execute as intended the first time around. After that, however, I receive the following error:

      TableauException: TableauException (303): duplicate table name


      which occurs at the line where I try to add the table definition to the TDE file:

      table = tdefile.addTable('Extract',tableDef)


      After playing around with the code, I've noticed that the error will go away when I change the name of the extract, but it returns when I run the script a second time.


      Does anyone know what is causing this? I'm using the companion resources provided with the video, so I don't think that it's an error or copying the code incorrectly.